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Financial report for the fiscal year 2017

For the Don du Choeur association 2017 was a year of completion in Cambodia, of consolidation in Kenya and of project sustainability in Madagascar.

Thanks to the extraordinary support of Geneva’s private schools, numerous volunteers and local and Swiss partners, the Don du Choeur reached different outstanding objectives in collaboration with the local authorities concerned:

  • In Kenya: electrical installation in the administrative block of St Luke’s School for handicapped children; protection of a third water source and well repair in Teso North district.
  • In Cambodia: new project dynamic in Ta Pen with the implementation of bridging classes for secondary II secondary general and vocational schools. Appointment of a deputy director of Don du Choeur Cambodia and of an English teacher.  Nursery school renovation.
  • In Madagascar: first school year in the public primary school at Andohasatra-Betioki, built by Don du Choeur. The school has welcome 360 students since 2016.
  • In India: On the occasion of the 10 years of Anbumalar, a special needs school that was built by Don du Choeur in 2007, a 7 seater minivan was provided to facilitate school transport of children with reduced mobility.

Don du Choeur thereby managed to contribute to promote the education of 2,000 children in dire precariousness.


In Switzerland, Geneva's private schools have taken part in the “Dictée du Chœur” from October 2016 to provide financial support for food, uniforms and schools supplies to the 360 students of Andohasatra-Betioki school (Madagascar). The dictation enabled to raise a total amount of CHF 67,782 (40,796.30 in 2017).

Don du Choeur is deeply grateful to the teachers and pupils of Geneva’s private schools who by taking part in the “Dictée du Chœur” played a crucial part in providing education to children n in Madagascar.

Across Belgium and Switzerland…. “Le Pas du Chœur

A Swiss-Belgian couple decided to walk 800 km from Knokke-le-Zoute on the Belgian coast to Geneva. The 45-day walk represents an unprecedented individual commitment to Don du Choeur history. Thanks to the warmth and support of their family, friends and donors, Anne-Claire and Vincent through the “Pas du Choeur” raised the unbelievable amount of CHF 53,000. (CHF 38,555.98 in 2017). In the next three years, all secondary 1 graduates in Ta Pen, Cambodia, will thereby have the opportunity to further their education in secondary 2 or benefit from vocational training. It is a major step for these children, their families and all those who have supported them since 2010.


In Madagascar, 2017 was mainly dedicated to:

  • the building of a library, lavatories and extra housing for the director and the teachers ; purchase of 13 bikes to make daily commuting easier for teachers – for a total amount of EUR 7,000.
  • the meals of the 360 students at the school canteen – for an amount of EUR 11,000. It should be stressed that since January 2018, meals are provided by the World Food Programme (WFP). It is a crucial factor to succeed long-term schooling for all these students in one of the poorest areas of the country.
  • the teachers’ training, the project’s supervision costs and the works follow-up: EUR 5,500
  • Carry-over into 2018: EUR 14,872.93.


In Cambodia, the total amount spent in 2017 for Ta Pen school reached CHF 120,240.95 breaking down as follows:

  • primary and secondary school's running costs (CHF109,892.26): The substantial teacher pay rise decided by the Ministry of Education, the appointment of 4 new teachers requiring reinforced training, the hiring of a deputy director and English teacher for the school of 550 pupils contributed to a massive increase in the school’s running costs increasing from CHF 100,765.31 to CHF 109,892.26.
  • Support to the 27 young secondary school graduates of Ta Pen (2017 graduating class).: Since September 2017, these young people have continued their studies at Khnar Sanday high school or undergone vocational training at National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor, for an amount of CHF 3,047.54.
  • Nursery school renovation works for an amount of CHF 4,912.15
  • NGO running costs (CHF 2,389), costs of having an address for service.


In Kenya, Don du Chœur primarily funded:

  • Wiring and electrical supplies for the administrative bloc of Luke's Special Needs School. (CHF 1,427) ;
  • The protection of a third water source and well repair near Ataba Oburi school (CHF 2,053).


In India, on the occasion of the 10 years of Anbumalar, a special needs school that was built by Don du Choeur in 2007, a 7 seater minivan was provided to facilitate school transport of children with reduced mobility.  (CHF 5,000.)


Communication actions were regularly carried out by the Don du Chœur ranging from the updating of the website with the Fondation Foyer handicap to the production of various communication materials.

Numerous events marked the year 2017:

  • In Geneva, friendly evening at the restaurant La Broche with a group of 110 volunteers of the association to take stock of the first six months of operation of Andohasatra school and share the challenges faced by these children from the farthest corners of the world. 
  • Gathering with family and friends to celebrate the arrival of Anne-Claire and Vincent in Veyrier (canton of Geneva), after 35 days of walking and 800 km hike from Belgium to Switzerland.
  • In Cambodia, private visit from H.E. Ivo Sieber, Swiss Ambassador to Cambodia, in the presence of Ms Carine Salerno, Swiss Consul of Cambodia.
  • Trips to Cambodia in March, August and December for the first graduation ceremony in Ta Pen and to meet NGOs specialized in vocational training (travel and accommodation expenses paid for by the volunteers)


All the activities of Don du Choeur are carried out by volunteers whose outstanding involvement enables 100% of the donations to be allocated to the projects. We would like to express our sincere thanks in name of all the children from here and abroad.

Don du Chœur General Meeting – 5th June 2018

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