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YEN Prey and SUT Sam Ath have become the first two Ta Pen students to graduate from the renowned Sala Baï hotel school, which trains chefs for top-level hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia’s second city.

The two young women were among the first to enrol at Ta Pen school the day it opened, on 1 October 2010. Back then they didn’t even know their family names. Both from very poor families (see DDC Newsletter. July 2017), they worked hard for seven years to come to school, despite the reticence of their parents.

After graduating from Ta Pen in 2017 they passed the entrance exams for Sala Baï to reain as cooks. Alternating between theory classes and hands-on experience in the hotels of Siem Reap, they were awarded their diplomas on 20 July by the Ministries of Labour and Vocational Training and of Tourism. They hope to have positions soon at the 5-star hotel SOKHA ANGKOR RESORT – social mobility exemplified!

Graduation Ceremony presided by Philippe Bès, Director of the Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School