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Great Dictation spells success for Madagascar project

Geneva’s Institut Florimont and La Découverte schools, with altogether more than 300 children in 17 primary classes, took part in October’s Great Dictation…

Pupils and teachers gave their all for the 360 children enrolled at our school in the south of Madagascar. Well-prepared dictations, words spelled correctly, and patient parents! In the space of a month, the schools raised sponsorships totalling CHF 14,299. ! With this incredible sum, the children in Geneva will have sponsored, in all, 119 children at the Andohasatra-Betioky school.

This means that one out of three children in Andohasatra is assured of going to school for a year and of eating one square meal a day. A big thank you to all of you!


One child appearing on the picture above equals 10 children sponsored; the equivalent of CHF 1,200 raised.
In October, thanks to you, 119 children out of 360 have been sponsored.

Please keep up the good work and take part in next month’s Great Dictation; see you on 30 November!