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Homage to Ellen Misuri

Ellen Misuri, one of the founding team of Don du Choeur, passed away on 29 June 2016, at the age of 41.

Composer, and music teacher for the Geneva private schools, Ellen was artistic director of our 2004 concert for Russia. That same year, she wrote the words and music for her song “Les Enfants du Monde”, which has become the signature tune of Don du Choeur.

Ellen applauded at the 2013 concert
Ellen applauded at the 2013 concert

The daughter of a Russian mother, Ellen lived with every fibre of her being for the culture of her maternal homeland. In 2004 she suggested to Pamela Walsh OBE, the founder of Don du Choeur, putting on a fund-raising concert to help the children of Russia. Ellen drew up the programme, directed the concert and chose the orphanage at Tambov, which would be supported body and soul by our Association for more than eight years. The project would improve the lives of more than 200 children suffering from serious lung disease and living in atrocious conditions.

Sensitive and committed, Ellen followed the project through to the end, with our current president Isabelle Chatel. At all our concerts, at the closing number, she would come and take her place at the piano to play, as no-one else could, her beautiful song “Les Enfants du Monde”. However, she was not on stage at the Victoria Hall for the most recent concert on 28 April 2016 …

She is greatly missed by us all but she will live on in her music, her special contribution to Don du Choeur.

click here to hear Ellen Misuri’s final performance of the song at the Don du Choeur concert, 2013.