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pour les enfants du monde

Patrick is not really a new face – he was accompanist for the 2016 concert. His musical activities are many and varied, from leading a jazz band (The Nyon Lights) to classical singing to musically directing shows for GAOS. Here’s a little more about the man behind the engaging smile.

Patrick: who are you and what do you do?

I grew up in Australia and studied music before having a change of direction. I’ve been in Switzerland for six years now and work as a researcher in labour market studies during the day. Most of my evenings are spent working with different music groups!

How did you get involved with DON DU CHOEUR?

I met Sue Power, the artistic director of the Doc du Choeur, not long after I arrived in Switzerland, while we were working on a show together. She asked me to accompany the 2016 concert, which was such a wonderful experience that it was not hard to convince me for a second time.

You’re playing music of all kinds, all the time – what attracts you particularly to the music in this concert?

Choral singing is such an expression of joy that when you combine it with 400 enthusiastic young kids it’s truly something special. I also love the idea of bringing together music from different traditions – English and French-language songs, plus songs from the country we are raising funds for – it’s one of the best cultural learning experiences I know of.

What are your impressions after playing for the first general rehearsal?

Wow! The ability of children to learn fast never ceases to amaze me. It’s a great selection of music and the children are already singing some very complicated stuff with confidence. It’s going to be a fantastic concert!

Interviewed by Nic Sommer, February 2019