Education et Santé
pour les enfants du monde

Mexico is in lock-down. Schools are closed. Covid-19 is approaching Oaxaca, threatening in particular the shanty-town of Vicente Guerrero, which sits at the edge of the local refuse tip, and where Don du Choeur is financing and extending a music school.

In the current situation, the directive to Stay at Home is vital to avoid spreading the virus. But this is difficult for many who are living hand to mouth and who have to go out in order to feed their families.

With your support, we want to help and protect the most needy families connected to our school by buying them hygiene safety products, food and drinking water – and, if possible, telephone credit for music lessons online. So many things have become inaccessible!

Order embroidered face-masks* (10 Swiss francs each, plus postage) at and be part of this wonderful chain of solidarity between Geneva and Oaxaca!

* Choice of model respected within the limits of stock available.