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«Ta Pen Has Talent»

Anastasia Troyanov, a business administration student at the University of St. Gallen, spent last January as a volunteer in Ta Pen school, Cambodia. She decided to work on a special project : filming all of the students from each class, singing songs in Khmer or in English.

Since singing in Victoria Hall in 2004 for the children of a Tambov orphanage in Russia, Anastasia has had a dream : to give other children a chance to express their potential and talents through singing.

Mission beautifully accomplished!

The film, « Ta Pen Has Talent ! » was realized with the support of the entire team in Ta Pen and with pedagogical assistance from Magali Castro Gyr. The film is intended to thank all the students of Geneva who sang for Cambodia as well as for the other projects of Don du Chœur and to also wish a warm welcome back to school to everyone!