Education et Santé
pour les enfants du monde


Two months of spelling tests have made children in Geneva ever more keen to help; the variety of subjects covered ensures that their interest never flags!
In November, 131 children have been sponsored thanks to the efforts of children at the Institut Florimont, La Découverte school and the Ecole en Musique. Thanks are also due to the generosity of one particular Foundation – and of a birthday party which raised funds for Madagascar! A big thank-you to everyone for your huge enthusiasm, so touching.

Our next results will be announced on 31 December, along with our good wishes for the New Year.

250 enfants parraines

One child coloured in respresents 10 sponsored children, equal to CHF 1,200 raised. So far, 250 children, out of the 360 attending school, have had their school costs covered.