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Many of you will have heard the sad news of the death of Nic Sommer on 12 March, after five weeks in hospital.

Nic was born into a family of musicians and, himself, wanted to be pianist. But his life took another direction and he became a journalist. As a key member of the communications team at the ICRC, he travelled the globe, often finding himself in very difficult situations. Everything he wrote was crafted with finesse and his reports were rigorously documented and often accompanied with photographs from the ICRC archives taken by his friend Chamrong LO.

A long-time friend of Pam Walsh OBE, founder of our association, and of Chamrong LO, founder of our school in Cambodia, Nic was always close to Don du Choeur. In 2009, that engagement led him to bring his journalistic experience to bear in editing Don du Choeur’s newsletter and website. For ten years he offered his advice and input with modesty and elegance, but also with limitless humour and generosity.

We have lost a friend and counsellor and a reference point in the humanitarian domain, who has made his own very special mark on our association.

Our thoughts are with Nic and his family,

Isabelle Chatel

and all the friends of Don du Choeur