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Here is the newsletter of July 2018.

Great Dictation: all children at Androhasatra-Betioky now sponsored!

Final results reveal that the eight participating private schools in Geneva have raised a total of CHF 67,782.00, far in excess of the target set in October 2016. Almost one thousand children and teachers took part in this show of solidarity for Madagascar.

“What’s the temperature in Madagascar?” asked the young boy. His classmates gathered round, poring over a map of the world, trying to work out the climate of the island from its proximity to the equator. After some discussion, and the opinion of the teacher, it was agreed that Madagascar was “rather hot” and very humid.

Children and teachers at six of Geneva’s private school have moved heaven and earth to help children in south Madagascar.

Two months of spelling tests have made children in Geneva ever more keen to help; the variety of subjects covered ensures that their interest never flags!