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Dictation in aid of Madagascar

With the help of some teachers in Geneva several dictations have been written about Madagascar. There are dictations for all educational levels. … Thus, this little spelling test could be very beneficial for the beginning of the school year.


The dictation is in aid of a good cause… The children will ask their parents and friends to sponsor them for a certain amount of money depending on how many words they spell correctly in the dictation !

The money raised will be used to finance the monthly costs of schooling and feeding 360 children in Andohasatra-Betioky. (This costs around 10 francs per child per month.)

A huge thank you to all the teachers, children and sponsors who will participate in this project. The results of the dictation will be published every 30th of the month on our web site www.don-du-chœ Click on the button marked Dictation. The first results will be posted on line on the 30th October 2016